Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 Month without coverage

1 month without coverage and the family of four owes the fed 3,000 Dollars

First Loop Hole I found for Illegals in the Senate Health Care Bill

AND Loop Hole Number 1 for illegals" in the "Right Choices Program"

"(c) Eligible Individuals- To be eligible to participate in a Right Choices program under this section, an individual shall--

(1) be a citizen or national of the United States or an alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence or otherwise residing in the United States under color of law;"

Color of law: meaning "pretense or appearance of" some right; in other words, 'color of', as in 'color of law', means the thing colors (or adjusts) the law; however the adjustment made may either be lawful or it may merely appear to be lawful. In other words, just because something is done with the 'color of law', that does not mean that the action was actually lawful (wikipedia)

which bring us to PURCOL

Permanent Residence Under Color of Law (PRUCOL) is not recognized as an immigration status by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); this category was created by the courts and is a public benefits eligibility category. For a person to be residing "under color of law," the USCIS must know of the person’s presence in the U.S., and must provide the person with written assurance that enforcement of deportation is not planned. A person residing under PRUCOL status cannot directly apply for U.S. citizenship or sponsor family members to obtain U.S. Citizenship. A person from any country, who resides in the United States without current legal immigration status including, but not limited to, citizenship, permanent residency, unexpired immigrant visa, is an undocumented person. Though they are not U.S. citizens, they are considered to have the same rights as U.S. citizens ‘for welfare eligibility purposes’.

In Short Illegal aliens that have been released on thier own that the US has no intention of forcing Deportation on...humm there are about 10 million of them and PER the Color of law they can not even have their statuses checked unless they break the law.

Gets even better:

...the state is required to pay the providers under the Medicare you tell me... how many illegals we have here in the great Haven of Maryland and now OUR state taxes will have to pay for their medical expenses..not the WHOLE country just Maryland...oh and you surly know we already have mega MILLION dollar deficit....40 Million alone in MoCO 20 some million in Frederick...what do you think is gonna happen to state taxes when this goes through... you know Obama never promised your State taxes weren't gonna increase.

...hope you like taxes... How about the CLASS is a new long term disability tax tucked away into you medicare taxes...only you can opt out..IF YOU KNOW ABOUT IT...and only certain times a year. OH and you have to make sure multiple employers aren't billing you and they will bill you via payroll tax for your spouse if he/she does not work. Of Course the Rules and procedures to opt out are at the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury..hummmm the you tell me how you think that process is gonna go. I have even money they take it and make you claim on your returns..if you even can figure out the red tape.


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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Support our Sheriffs!!!! and the 287(g)

COME ON OUT: This Thursday at Barley and Hops on 355 (by Target and Home Depot) 3PM.... to Rally in support and appreciation for our Frederick Country Sheriffs.

In light of recent events and abhorrent reporting by the FNP I urge everyone concerned with illegal immigration and this lawsuit buy Ms. Santos to write the FNP express our extreme displeasure.

We are going to be at the Rally so hope to see some of you there:)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Idiotic Question/Statement of the Day

In Honor of Glenn Beck;)

"If churches want their say in the government, they need to pay taxes just like the rest of us." Liberal Undead


Labor unions are tax exempt so again why should churches or congregations be taxed solely on their political activism?

How about schools? Ever been to a county council meeting in MOCO? Bet ya the first two rows are from the BOE, they never miss an opportunity to wrangle more money.

Veteran's associations?

Grass Roots groups?

ACORN is tax exempt.

How about Old People?...AARP is tax exempt and they just endorsed this healthcare monstrosity AND have been organizing meetings for seniors to learn about the legislation that they are OPENLY supporting when they claim to not support specific legislation.... OH and they stand to make MILLIONS on the sale of supplemental care insurance (through a little company called United Healthcare which..*ding *ding* ding* endorsed the healthcare bill) the profits on which **gasp** they will not have to pay taxes......

...hum Should we tax the White House because they push an agenda? Because...

Al Gore's foundation? Tax exempt (and all those inconvenient movie profits too),

AMA endorsed healthcare reform and guess what, they are tax exempt.

Sorry but hate to break it NARAL (in the bold page three ) Yup, actually Tax exempt

and just for good measure National Right to Life? Yup, tax exempt, AND

Planned exempt...

No one can deny these organizations are all very politically active.

Ladies, lastly, companies don't pay taxes, neither do organizations or entities.... PEOPLE if you are implying that these organization need to be taxed, then you are in fact saying the Americans that make up these organizations should be taxed, which in fact they already are.

There is no part of our constitution that says we can only speak if we pay taxes. Organizations are made up of like minded people all of whom have the same rights to congregate and influence the world around them. Again the most basic of our rights is in our very first amendment, the freedom of assembly..

....but you say you can't talk unless you pay taxes? How about 2 million illegal immigrants, they talk plenty and don't pay taxes (Casa de Maryland, tax exempt) but they get the EIC AND sue our leaders for idiotic things like BEING DEPORTED.

Not hardly a rational statement,I wager MOST special interests operating on K street are sheltered from paying taxes. So I have to say that the idea of making churches pay is ludicrous ACTUALLY almost all the taxes paid to the federal government are ludicrous.

Monday, November 9, 2009

How do you define Liberty?

How do you define Liberty?

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello my name is Erica an prior to about January this year I would have described myself a moderate constitutional republican, not a social conservative or as my dear friend's husband said, a 2 legged stool.

I GASP don't vote anti-abortion, but I am pro-life. WHY?! WHAT?! HOW?! Well it just seems to me that it should be a state issue and not a federal one, and as such I do not support Roe v. Wade either. I have strong feelings about my Liberty when it comes to my body on so many other levels, for instance the usurpation of my rights during childbirth in order to appease someone else's definition of endangerment and liability. (Totally another discussion ;) )

I am not a birther, ***GASP*** Even with all the evidence? Evidence Schmevidence. I have no doubts in my mind that our government doesn't follow the rules, and have covered all the bases on this one (even if they falsified it). Citizen or not, in my opinion this issue is relegated to the 'gunman on the grassy knoll" file. No good is going to come of expending the efforts to prove otherwise.

I am saddened about the Healthcare issue the FRAUD that is our House of (NOT)Representatives, but I must resign myself to the fact that this bill is a symptom, not the disease. the problem runs deeper than Healthcare or Cap and Fraud or Immigration.

If these are the issues by which a conservative is defined, then by these standards I am the enemy...But really am I?

(Some of you may never come back to my blog after I write this next sentence but I sure hope you do....) Example: The Right to Life Movement is the greatest hypocrisy of the Republican Party.

Not that the MOVEMENT is wrong (just too broadly focused). Making this a key issue in how we vote and how we elect leaders to our FEDERAL government has played a role in this set up we currently have of politicians who pander to special interests to save their immortal political souls. Understandably there are many more such examples but this one is very current.

Allowing it to be OK for the FEDERAL COURTS to make social definitions that affect state laws, one way (Roe v Wade) or the other (Outlawing abortion) is an assault on Liberty. It is not the rule I object to, it is the method by which the rule has been applied. It is a fundamental misuse of our Federal Judicial system and as such it is a theft of our LIBERTY. And as such a waste of our votes.

Truth be told, social issues are matters for the states. In the same way the defense of marriage between a man and a woman is being played out among the states right now (surely as I type this, there are efforts in motion to swiftly and unconstitutionally crush these referendums by the activist federal judiciary). But, American citizens expressly saying NO at the ballot box to laws conceived, passed, bought and paid for by special interest groups. I LOVE IT! It is not about the content of the law it is about the Government oversteppiing its Constitutional authority and the People stopping it.

I hope I have your attention now and that you have not clicked the x at the top of the page but WE can not be defined as a movement by issues. It is so much more fundamental than that. If I were to have to support all of the issues of social conservatives in order to call myself a patriot, I would have to stop short at the door. The founding fathers were not so homogenous, they were of many philosophical and fundamental beliefs, but they all believed in Liberty!

I am dismayed by the usual throng of liberal people in my daily life who do not understand the message. We are just wacko birthers, woman hating, pro-life, bible thumping, Hitler referencing, gun toting, racist, proselytizing tea baggers. And when the pictures hit the blogs Thursday that’s what was posted, the Obama as Hilters, the gay marriage bashing, the witty birther quips.

Nowhere can anyone identify what the movement really IS from the pictures so they come to their own conclusions. (perhaps the only exceptions are the yellow ‘Don’t Tread on Me” signs with the 9 principles) It is really impossible to get people to see us in anything but that divisive light.

There are 4 types of people out there right now..

1) The Patriots: Those that know something is wrong and have started to act.
2) The Silent Ones: Those who know something is wrong but can yet put their finger on it.
3) The Sheep: Those who follow blindly and defend their status quo with fierce hostility (no doubt still watching MSNBC J ).
4) The Wolves: Those who would seek the socialization of America.

Make no mistake 3 and 4 will make your life hell if you try to discuss anything remotely pertaining to a Tea Party and number 2 knows this so they keep quiet.

And frankly we give them lots of fuel for the fire.

I am not suggesting that we cease to champion our important issues, the morals and values that define us are essential for liberty. BUT we must pick our battles. I recently had a mom ask me if she had to be a Glen Beck Fan to join As A Mom. My answer was NO! (although I love his show;) )

It is not unlike raising a 3 year old, sometimes you just have to pick your battles. Focus on the Fundamentals…Otherwise, you just end up looking like the crazy lady at Wal-Mart and your kids grow up dysfunctional:)

Without Liberty, there is no Right to Life, without Liberty there is no right to bear arms, without Liberty, the government will not care about your values and morals regarding marriage, we already have lost the ability to hold our leaders to the rule of law, and the borders are open doors for criminal aliens with more rights than we citizens have, so what level of importance does birthright have anymore?

Without Liberty, NONE of these issues matter. Conversely, none of these issues will EVER secure my Liberty....LIBERTY is the very foundation of our rights as Americans to choose to live life according to those values that we hold dear and Liberty secures our ability to affect local legislation so our communities are reflective of those values. Likewise, different communities have the Liberty to live by different values.

So I challenge all of you who read this and pass this message on. We, as a movement are only as powerful as our message and right now our message is a cluster of volatile issues that repel as much as they attract. We NEED to cement our vision in the roots of Liberty, The Constitution and the wisdom and intent of our founding Fathers. We must seek out and expose those who would subvert it.

I don't care if a candidate likes to wear pink polka dot bobby socks, if he holds Liberty as more important than his political career, if she believes in the true and just message of the founding fathers, then they are our allies in this revolution. It is imperative that we understand this and move forward.

Let's be FOCUSED in our message, RESPONSIBLE with our presentation and VORACIOUS in our REAL Mission...LIBERTY!!!