Friday, November 13, 2009

Idiotic Question/Statement of the Day

In Honor of Glenn Beck;)

"If churches want their say in the government, they need to pay taxes just like the rest of us." Liberal Undead


Labor unions are tax exempt so again why should churches or congregations be taxed solely on their political activism?

How about schools? Ever been to a county council meeting in MOCO? Bet ya the first two rows are from the BOE, they never miss an opportunity to wrangle more money.

Veteran's associations?

Grass Roots groups?

ACORN is tax exempt.

How about Old People?...AARP is tax exempt and they just endorsed this healthcare monstrosity AND have been organizing meetings for seniors to learn about the legislation that they are OPENLY supporting when they claim to not support specific legislation.... OH and they stand to make MILLIONS on the sale of supplemental care insurance (through a little company called United Healthcare which..*ding *ding* ding* endorsed the healthcare bill) the profits on which **gasp** they will not have to pay taxes......

...hum Should we tax the White House because they push an agenda? Because...

Al Gore's foundation? Tax exempt (and all those inconvenient movie profits too),

AMA endorsed healthcare reform and guess what, they are tax exempt.

Sorry but hate to break it NARAL (in the bold page three ) Yup, actually Tax exempt

and just for good measure National Right to Life? Yup, tax exempt, AND

Planned exempt...

No one can deny these organizations are all very politically active.

Ladies, lastly, companies don't pay taxes, neither do organizations or entities.... PEOPLE if you are implying that these organization need to be taxed, then you are in fact saying the Americans that make up these organizations should be taxed, which in fact they already are.

There is no part of our constitution that says we can only speak if we pay taxes. Organizations are made up of like minded people all of whom have the same rights to congregate and influence the world around them. Again the most basic of our rights is in our very first amendment, the freedom of assembly..

....but you say you can't talk unless you pay taxes? How about 2 million illegal immigrants, they talk plenty and don't pay taxes (Casa de Maryland, tax exempt) but they get the EIC AND sue our leaders for idiotic things like BEING DEPORTED.

Not hardly a rational statement,I wager MOST special interests operating on K street are sheltered from paying taxes. So I have to say that the idea of making churches pay is ludicrous ACTUALLY almost all the taxes paid to the federal government are ludicrous.

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