Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hell is Truth Seen Too Late

(Thomas Hobbes)

I really hope just one person reads this blog and feels compelled to turn the knob on that closet door, breathes deep the awakening breath of one who has been asleep far too long, to embrace that it matters not your race, your culture, your religion; it matters not the R, the D, the I,L G or any other affiliation. It matters not because the system is broken, all of it, all levels.

"The obligation of subjects to the sovereign is understood to last as long, and no longer, than the power lasteth by which he is able to protect them."(Hobbes)

There are no champions breaking free from the pack to lead us. Never at any other time in our history, have we been so alone in our defense of this great concept, this great liberty, the great Republic, stifled, clotted and smothered by the calcification of the false politic, but for the greed of power and the tinkering of statesmen who have lost their due reverence for the glory of the republic ,for liberty, for the People in exchange for their immortal congressional souls.

I think this is what disturbs me most, not that we are descending into tyranny at an astounding rate but that I am one of many ordinary Americans taking action and there is no one voice to lead us there (in Washington that is). We are banging on the door but they do not hear.

Long ago, I was sitting in Political Science 101 at a state university and we were discussing the Romanian Revolution and how communism and socialism has it grip because the state knows who you are and keeps you in fear of speaking hatred of tyranny. You hate it every day, the guy next to you hates it everyday but you are enslaved to it and you fear it. But you hold your voice deep down in a safe dark place because you have no idea that the guy next to you feels the same way, because you fear being exposed. One day you wake up and you realize, it is more dangerous for you to keep quiet and you finally whisper to the next guy and the next.

My professor was big on political models and coveted the rational choice model:

"Rational Choice Theory: 'rationality' simply means that a person reasons before taking an action. A person balances costs against benefits before taking any action, be it kissing someone, lighting up a cigarette or murdering an old man. In rational choice theory all decisions, crazy or sane, are arrived at by a 'rational' process of weighing costs against benefits." (shameless wikipedia quote but effective)

Essentially, no one will raise a voice until they have weighed the benefits to be worthwhile. For instance, this blog would have never existed had I not seen with my own eyes the numbers of ordinary Americans who selflessly marched on DC on 9/12. and had I not heard the call of certain voices over the airwaves leading the way, telling us, proving to us, that we are not alone.

Knowing this, WHAT ON EARTH CAN OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS BE THINKING? Are they in fear of action and if so how can that be allowed to persist; or are they the oppressors in the perfect guise of being our so called voices, our elected representation but in reality our masters our captors. It is not logical that they could all be so corrupt, or is it? Can we not find just 1 to spark the flame for the fire that is Liberty? It really saddens me. I go too bed each night with less and less hope that a hero for the American people will emerge and set it all right.

"There is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new system. The innovator has the enmity of all who profit by the preservation of the old system and only lukewarm defenders by those who would gain by the new system." (Machiavelli, 1513)

Hence, we must know that the future is uncertain and we must commit to never let this great Republic die quietly without a fight. Keep whispering Ladies...Keep whispering.

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