Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dollar's Demise

So let me see if I understand this correctly:

The world is ditching the dollar and our government is gonna let it happen. SO there will be a lot more dollars floating around unencumbered and prices will become will hyper inflated and the dollar worth a lot less.
We will print more money because we can and the fed will pay off our international debts with this money (tooting their horns, no doubt, the entire way.)
The government will be mometarily debt free but will take more loans for more social programs that will keep big government in power forever.
I on the other hand (as well as every other average American who can't afford to buy gold) will be pushing my wheelbarrow full of worthless American dollars to to store to get my one loaf of bread. My house (should I be able to pay the mortgage to keep it) is my only security BUT since no one will be able to buy due to skyrocketing interest rates, it is just something I have not something I can actually use to buy the bread. Essentially, we the American people are screwed....

Be prepared...this is actually happening. Those crisis gardens and seed banks are likely very real necessities. I am just beside myself, I know this is the reality, but it is still shocking to see it unfold. It is maddening to feel so hopeless,so helpless. Tomorrow I am calling my congresspeople AGAIN, surly to no avail. But at least it is something.

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