Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome to the Frederick, MD area Sisterhood of Conservative Moms. We began as a small gathering of like minded moms,, meeting for lunch at each other's houses, discussing the state of our country, the state of our schools, and the fate of the Republic. We were drawn together in the sea of liberalism that is Maryland because we felt alone and as such, found each other and gravitated toward a common friendship bound by common values.

We marched on DC on 9/12!!!! What we learned is WE ARE NOT ALONE and as such I started this blog to further the discussion and to encourage more moms who feel as we do to join in. Alas there is not much more room at my table for the ladies luncheon, so here I introduce the next step. The sisterhood blog.

Further inspired by Glenn Beck's expose of patriot moms over the last two weeks, I know with all my heart we are on to something. As many of us sit at home pondering, praying and losing sleep at our perceived inability to affect change and our powerlessness to make those in Washington hear our voices, know that we are growing, here in this little spot in Maryland (the most liberal state in the Union) we are starting to whisper, and then we will talk and soon we will roar.

I eagerly invite you to join! Be a Patriot Mom....let's march on Washington Again and Again and Again in person and in prose. Come and be are not alone!


  1. Thanks, Erica. I look forward to reading and having informed discussions here. We will make noise! we will be heard!

  2. Very, very exciting Erica! Can't wait to continue this fight with you!