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This post is a bit of hodgepodge of two meeting this week and two very similar action groups Maryland Mom - As a Mom (MMAAM and AAM) and We Surround Them Frederick (WST). All links are listed below. Sorry if it is a bit disjointed it is a cerebral download of TONS of information and I I digest it all I will get into some detail...Let me just point out the links and the suggested reading list these are really great resources to educate ourselves so we can present a united KNOWLEDGEABLE front for such a passionate cause. I encourage you to join AAM and WST and to spread the word in any and every way you can...WAKE THEM UP!

Here are some highlights from the Maryland Moms As a Mom Skype Meeting this week

We had contact with Lisa Fitzhugh who is liaison for the Jim Rutledge for Senate campaign. Hopefully some of you got the chance to get to the event to meet with him this week.

EVENT November 3, 2009 (Wed)
We discussed the letter writing event and we decided to use the ASA logo at the top of our letter to our US Senators Mikulski and Cardin and to keep the topic based on the constitution. If you continue on to the end of this entry you may have a few more ideas on how to word your lettersJ Make sure to sign up on MMASA to hand deliver letter on the 3rd.

We also discussed using the as a reference for the letters.

There was a brief discussion on whether we were identifying as AAM or MM.
This will be revisited.

Be sure to check the Action of the Day in the AAM main page.

There will be a statewide MMASA meet and greet on October 28 at the Old Philadelphia Inn (Timonium I think? Check on AAM for specific location and time information)

We need to work on getting our plug in the press.

Charles Loller was mentioned as a good candidate for district 5 challenge of Steny Hoyer…. Here is his link

Friday the District 6 co-directors are meeting in Westminster.


HUGE LOCAL LINK please fan the blog and the radio show to get the word out
Read the article “A wealth Eating Virus”

US Debt Clock

END OF AAM update

WST Meeting on 10/23

Last night I attended my first We Surround Them meeting in Frederick. I was very impressed by the group the leaders, the message the goals and the clear focus of the group. Please check it out since I think MM is on a similar track but we need figure out where we are going to focus our sights on. I really like the idea that we focus on the 10th amendment movement and the educations aspect there was discussion with other moms at the meeting last night that we could be a force at the local BOE meeting since there are literally no conservative voices showing up at these meetings. Add to that pushing a campaign of Constitutional awareness; get the message to the kids. This is an idea that I really can identify with as I being to seriously commit to homeschooling.

The theme is: We need to Bypass the 2 party systems and go right to the people.

This is a huge concept and I believe could be a great focus for MM.

HUGE LOCAL LINK please fan the blog and the radio show to get the word out

Check out the The Forgotten Men Radio Show Sat at noon on WFMD am 930 (you can stream it 24 hours a day!)

Things we can do in between the big stuff:

Write letters to the editors of our local papers

Listen to the Forgotten Men radio show CALL IN and GO ON THE SHOWJ get the dialogue out on the air!!!

DEMAND our elective officials take the pledge! No Pledge NO VOTE.

The citizens pledge:

The Citizens Pledge
Whereas, the people of New Hampshire, having been denied the right of proper redress, have come to a point of collective financial ruin. Many of our legislators are guilty of voting for excessive taxation, abusing the public trust, and being willfully ignorant of our Constitution. Further, said legislators have demonstrated a lack of fiscal restraint and proper propriety toward public monies. This has left the people stripped of their God- given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights; and exposed them, their families, and their communities to the winds of chance. Though normally prudent and self-sustaining, many members of the citizenry now find themselves removed from respectable and honest employment, through no fault of their own. Such a situation can no longer be tolerated.Be it known, that the people, in exerting their rights, do hereby pledge the following;
1] That we shall assemble at the proper time for voting, and shall vote out of office those who have so abused us.2] That we shall replace these representatives with others who respect our Constitution, the rule of law, and the public trust.3] That these newly-elected representatives shall be held to the highest standards of accountability; and, if found unworthy, shall then be turned out at the next election.
Thus, the people shall exercise their God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights to force their government to return to fiscal prudence and personal integrity.
This, the undersigned, do solemnly swear.

Reading List!

The 5000 year leap

The Essential Federalist Papers and ANTI- Federalist papers

The Forgotten Man

The Real (insert founders)


Principles of Liberty! Seminar February 20, 2010 at the Weinberg Center in Frederick Goal to get at least 1000 to attend BIG EDCUATION OP for our KIDS! Conducted by the Nation Center for Constitutional Studies

What can we do?

A) Read and educate ourselves so we can discuss the real issues
B) Engage the Web, network
c) Look through the 28 Principles

I would like to sponsor a book discussion on the blog of “The 5000 Year Leap” to begin on November 1; we will go by chapter…so Get the book and be ready on November 1J

Home Work

Constitutional Review

Article 1 Section 8

The Powers of the Legislative branch and the enumerated powers.

If we Can stop the congress then the president is powerless…we must focus on the congress!

The Big 3

The General Welfare Clause
The Commerce Clause
The Necessary and Proper Clause…

Know THESE! Congress regularly cites them as the justification of their broad powers and it is a lie!

For example the intent of the General Welfare was to make laws that affect the general welfare not FOR the general welfare.

They use it as a broad umbrella of power.

(Federalist 45 and 81)


Don Dwyer has introduced a 10th amendment bill to the Maryland legislature that continues to be killed in Committee.


Focus on the 10th amendment issue

Educate the Young people

Empower ourselves every day!!!!

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